On-Site Resources

On-Site Resources

When you are diagnosed with angioedema, of any type, having all of the support, resources, and information you need to help you is an important part of your treatment. At the US HAEA Angioedema Center at San Diego, we work to provide you with the resources you may need to achieve lifelong health.

Patient & Family Support Services

We ensure that, from your very first visit to the Angioedema Center, you will never feel alone.

We provide the following support services:
  • Physician Referral Services
  • UC San Diego Social Workers
  • US HAEA National Patient Organization

Resources & Education

The following resources and educational information are provided for you at the Angioedema Center:
  • On-site Diagnostic Services
  • Patient/ Family Resource Center
  • 25 Tips for Caregivers
  • Assistance Resources for your visit
  • FAQs for HAE Patients
  • FAQs for other types of Angioedemas
  • Translation Services