Question of the Week

Why does the effectiveness of certain treatments vary among patients with HAE? Why do some treatments work well for prophylactic use and others for acute attacks?
Jun 24, 2015

This is really 2 separate questions. Starting from the last, you ask why some treatments work to prevent attacks (prophylactic) and others to treat acute attacks (on-demand). This is really a matter of timing. If you could absolutely predict when an attack would occur, than all of the new HAE medicines would work as prophylactic […]


For a patient with a diagnosis of HAE with normal C1 inhibitor, (HAE nl C1 inh), administration of Icatibant, (Firazyr), did not seem to promptly reverse an attack of tongue swelling. Is there an explanation for this?

The issue presented raises several interesting points concerning the diagnosis and management of HAE: To highlight some of the uncertainties regarding the diagnosis of HAE nl C1. It underscores the importance of documenting response to therapy to provide insight as to whether we are dealing with angioedema mediated by bradykinin to guide treatment for the […]